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Cultural Exchange at the foot of Mount Fuji

My parents visited me during the Spring break. While they were over, I took them to Kawaguchiko to stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan and to see Mount Fuji. While we were there we went up the Kachi Kachi Ropeway to get a better view. At the top, my wife asked another tourist to take our picture. Afterwards, she asked where he was from. ‘I’m from Singapore,’ he answered. ‘Oh, we have friends in Singapore,’ said Mum. ‘WE HAVE FRIENDS IN SINGAPORE,’ reiterated Dad, before adding: ‘HE’S GOT A SPORTS SHOP. DO YOU KNOW A SPORTS SHOP IN SINGAPORE, BOY?’ (He speaks in ALL CAPITALS when he talks to foreigners so that they understand, and he calls everyone ‘boy’ because he’s Irish.) After looking confused for a bit, this guy tentatively offered the name Transsports, or something. To which Dad replied, ‘WHA?’ So then *I* said, ‘he’s asking if the sports shop is called Transsports or something, does that ring any bells?’

‘Sure I wouldn’t know what it’s called, boy.’


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