I moved to Japan in July 2009. This is a blog about that.


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    tokyo5 said,

    I have been in Japan since 1990 (twenty years this year)…so I’m enjoying reading your impressions of Japan!


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    Craig said,

    Hi, I’m an aspiring Jet from Geordie-land and I’m thinking of putting kofu high on my list.
    Interesting to read about your mentions of the city. Would you recommend it overall or is there anywhere you’ve visited which seems nicer?

    Sure, I probally won’t get my first choice anyway but a man can dream!

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      davidandshino said,

      You might get your first choice if you put Kofu! Most of the JETs who end up in Yamanashi seem to have requested neighbouring prefectures (in my case I requested Kanagawa because that’s where my wife’s family lives). I’ve visited lots of places in Japan and there are a lot of amazing places – I think wherever you end up there will be pros and cons, so it’s probably not worth agonizing over where you end up. But if I was applying again, I would definitely put Kofu/Yamanashi down as my first choice.

      I just really like it here. It’s reasonably close to Tokyo, it’s got great views of Fuji, the skies, and the clouds are amazing and surprise me every day, I love running along the Arakawa, the wine is delicious, and the local produce is pretty good too. The downsides that I can think of are that it might be a bit quiet compared to bigger cities, and you might need a car to fully avail of all it has to offer.

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        Craig said,

        Yeah, that’s why I’m going for it. Seems to be a decent sized, pretty and comfortable city but equidistant from Tokyo and Nagoya (more towards Tokyo).
        How are the links to the big cities? How late/early do the trains run?

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    davidandshino said,

    I don’t ever travel to Nagoya, but it’s a couple of hours by bus to Tokyo, or maybe an hour and a half by direct train, which is a bit more expensive. There’s also a direct bus to Narita (and Disneyland!). The trains and buses to and from the big cities are fairly frequent and start early and run late; but within Yamanashi the transport network is a bit poor. The buses in and around Kofu are often late and not very frequent; the train routes don’t run direct to a lot of destinations (probably because of the mountains) so you often have to take a longer train ride and change somewhere to get to your destination. That’s why, ideally, you need a car to enjoy all of the local scenery.

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      Craig said,

      Dang, thats a lot longer to Tokyo than I thought. Not so bad though, and it really does look like a pretty place. Its a decent sized city in my book too with 200k.
      I have a license so guess I will have to look into trying to get hold of a car should I end up there.
      I’ll see, pointless worrying now, I’m not accepted for anywhere yet let alone going to Kofu for sure!

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