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White Day

White Day, in case you haven’t heard of it, is like Valentine’s Day in reverse. On Valentine’s Day in Japan, women are expected t o give chocolates to men. They give ordinary chocolate to their colleagues; special chocolates to people they like; and really special chocolates to people they really like. On White Day, those men are supposed to give chocolates in return.

Except I completely forgot about White Day and didn’t get my wife anything in return for the delicious chocolates she got me on Valentine’s Day. So the next day, I decided to make up for it by getting her a present. Now I knew she wanted some special moisturizing green tea soap that they’ve been advertising on the telly, but she won’t buy it because it’s too expensive. So I stopped off at our local pharmacy on the way home from work and searched for this green tea soap. I managed to find one type of green tea soap. Only one. But it clearly said that it was soap, made from green tea, and it had a picture of luxuriant froth on it, so I figured it must be pretty moisturizing. And it was expensive, which clinched it – I bought it and brought it home to my wife.

It turns out it was special anti-BO green tea soap.

It wouldn’t have been so bad, but I forgot about Valentine’s Day, too. I mean, technically I didn’t, because like I say, on Valentine’s Day in Japan, women give chocolates to men – men aren’t under any obligation to give presents to women. Nevertheless, I did intend to give my wife flowers for Valentine’s Day, but I forgot, so I bought some on my way home the next day, from the supermarket.

It turns out they were special funeral flowers.

This cultural exchange business is more difficult than I thought…


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